Romantic European Getaways – Guide For First-time Visitors


Welcome to Europe, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Benvenuto, Boa Vinda, Bienvenue… no matter how you say it, tourists are all welcome in Europe. The Euro has no currency issues and because of that, many people are excited to go on a romantic European getaway. The continent is quite attractive especially to lovers and couples.

It’s really very easy for couples or lovers to choose Europe over other continents as a vacation getaway. The toughest decision would be in choosing a particular destination. There are lots of air carriers and railway network in Europe and so you will not have many problems related to transportation. If you want, you can even visit several vacation destinations when you go there on your next vacation. By visiting different locations and regions, you can have different experiences. You will be able to witness various cultures and eat different cuisines.

Once you finally decide to visit various places and locations, you should have detailed planning so that you can have a memorable and stress-free vacation with your special one. You need to ensure that before you’ve packed the traveling bags, you’ve already planned everything, even the smallest details of the trip. Buying individual tickets are more costly and you will need to fall in line before you can get it. There are rail passes and air tickets being sold outside Europe and you can surely save some money if you choose this option. When purchasing rail passes, you need to choose among consecutive day, limited country, flexi and many other passes.

During the peak months, you need to make the necessary reservations several weeks or months before you plan to go to the vacation destination. During the summer, there are lots of tourists and you may not be accommodated in the resort in Europe where you plan to stay on the last minute. Make the reservation long before you travel especially if you want to go to Spain (paradores), Prague, Paris, Germany, and France. Room rates usually include breakfast but you still need to confirm before making the final reservation. Aside from luxurious hotels, you can also stay in inns and hostels found in the countryside.

If you want to enjoy a romantic vacation, you should have a hearty breakfast. There are lots of sights to see in Europe and so you will surely be tempted to explore the astonishing sights, high fashion, fine food, fine arts, and many other attractions. If you love art, don’t forget to include Florence on your list. You will see the works of Michelangelo there. You can also find galleries like Uffizi which can provide total entertainment. Mona Lisa is found in Paris and when you go there, you will see other treasures.

Couples and lovers who love to eat various kinds of cuisines or foods will like France and Italy. Courses of foods or meals are served in various restaurants. Local wines are sure to attract tourists because it goes well with the foods being served.

Even if you’re a first time visitor in Europe, you will be able to find the perfect place where you can spend a romantic vacation. Choose your destination well and the perfect time of the year to have the vacation. Consult your love one so that the two of you can choose the destination for your romantic European getaway.

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